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Dallmeyer 3b

Vintage Brass Lens Dallmeyer 3.B. Soft Focus


Dallmeyer 3B lens


Petzval brass lens Hugo Meyer Schnellarbeiter 270mm f3 Dallmeyer 3b


Lens Brass Petzval Dallmeyer 3B


Lens Photographic in Brass Dallmeyer 3B #25757. Soft Focus


8X10 Inch Century Wet Plate Camera (Collodion) and A Dallmeyer 3B Brass Lens


1 ADAPTER 5.5x5.5"SC for ZONE VI 8x10 Camera to use a Dallmeyer 3B reproduction


Dallmeyer 3 B Patent Vintage brass lens very rare SHP 59427